Our Firewood Guarantee for Southern Md

The difference with our firewood starts with our Firewood Guarantee. Our cord of firewood is guaranteed to be a full cord. Stack it, measure it, and if it doesnt measure up, we'll give you a refund of the difference. No other firewood company in Waldorf or Southern Md offers this guarantee. We want you to be happy, and we wish to earn your business for the long haul. Simply call us within 24 hours of delivery if we dont measure up. Thats our guarantee to you. For firewood delivery in Southern Md give us a call.

Our Firewood Quality-A Logging Company vs a Tree Company

Our firewood is the best in the Southern Md and Washington DC area. The difference is in how we get it. As a logging company, the trees we harvest are live, healthy trees at the time they're fell. Alternative local providers of firewood are often tree removal services, who are called to your house to take down trees that are dying and pose a property risk. Craigslist ads for firewood often come from tree removal services and are the crap that is removed from personal property, such as bradley pears, and leeland cyprus, trees you dont want sapping up your chimney. With a logging company such as us, you'll get access to hardwooods that burn long through the night, and give you more BTU's for the same area of your cord. This means more for your money, a better value for you. Dont shop on price alone. Shop on quality, and shop with a guarantee.

Southern Md Firewood Delivery

Call us to see what we can do for you Southern Md. We serve you in Waldorf, Laplata, Mechanicsville, Indian Head, Fort Washington, Washington DC, Lexington Park, Lusby, Prince Frederick, Dunkirk, Huntingtown, Solomons Island. We come to Prince Georges county, Charles county, St Mary's county, Calvert county, and northern virginia

Firewood Southern Md

For Firewood Delivery in Southern Md, give us a call.

Firewood Southern Md

Firewood Advice

Get advice on what to look for in a firewood provider including seasonability, hardwoods vs softwoods, moisture content and more

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Our Guarantee

Dont get caught with less than you paid for. We guarantee full cord delivery, and we'll teach you how to stack and measure here. Hold your firewood provider accountable!

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Logging in Md and Va

Logging practices affect the earth in many ways. See how our earth friendly approach to Logging makes us a leader in renewable energys and sustainable synergies.

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