About us Southern Md Quality Firewood and Logging

Southern Md Quality Firewood and Logging has been in business since 1983. Our story is unique, something we take pride in. In 1983, Paul Osborn was an honest man looking for work. But the economy was bad, and no one would give him a chance. With back problems and only $4,000 in the bank, starting his own business seemed like a dream for Paul. But with another $4,000 loan from his father in law (we all know how hard it is to ask in-laws for money) Paul was able to borrow the rest of the money he needed from the bank to start his Logging company. With that money he bought a used logging machine, and the rest is history. Today we sell firewood, and manufacture sustainable wood products including pellets for distributors in the area. We can log several jobs at once, and we are the leading firewood provider in Southern Md. We can deliver to Waldorf, Laplata, Hughesville, Mechanicsville, White Plains, Indian Head, Clinton, Prince Frederick, St Marys County, Charles County, Calvert County, and PG County.

Firewood Advice

Get advice on what to look for in a firewood provider including seasonability, hardwoods vs softwoods, moisture content and more

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Our Guarantee

Dont get caught with less than you paid for. We guarantee full cord delivery, and we'll teach you how to stack and measure here. Hold your firewood provider accountable!

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Logging in Md and Va

Logging practices affect the earth in many ways. See how our earth friendly approach to Logging makes us a leader in renewable energys and sustainable synergies.

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